Happy New Year

As the end of 2021 approaches, I wanted to take a moment and reflect on this past year. Time and time again, I've felt the power of the Hashomer Hatzair community, and this year it was felt stronger than ever. Just a year ago, we were rallying to keep Mosh alive, and heading into 2022 (can you believe it?) we're not only functioning, but growing.

In 2021, we re-opened Camp Shomria for 4 weeks, and then had the biggest Peulat Stav we've seen since 2013. We had online peulot with different countries around the world, and were even able to have Yedid in Israel! #vaccinated

We also solidified new traditions by having our 2nd annual Family Camp and Ultimate Neila! These brought a whole new way for alumni and vatikim to re-connect with Hashomer Hatzair and Shomria, both online and in person.

On the Machane, 10 leaky roofs were fixed and we installed a new low ropes named Porange course thanks to a very generous donation from Malka & Efrat Levy.

Nevertheless, we still have recovering to do before we can grow further. I'm excited to share with you some of the things you can expect in next year:

  • Traditions: we're returning to a 6 week summer!
  • Improvements: we received a $150,000 grant from NY DHS for security improvements at camp
  • Growth: we're looking to hire a Site Manager, and add people to our Board of Directors
  • Celebrations: next year we are gearing up for our centenary anniversary!

Here's where you come in! Join me in spreading the word to help our community grow, reach out if you have ideas for programming this year or want to be involved in any way, ask your friends to make a donation. In Hashomer Hatzair, a little goes a long way, and we'd love to have you with us on our journey as little or as much as you'd like! Happy holidays and happy new year- here's to 2022!

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  • Chana Reiter

    I’m so glad to see that the movement is still going strong. I lived my life in a very different way thanks to H.H.

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