Shomeric Light: Shiri Ourian

As part of our Hanukkah celebration, we are highlighting different members of our community who have been beacons of light in the past year. 

For the first night of Hanukkah, read about Shiri, an alum and new board member! She hasn't been at mosh for years, but has taken a leadership role this year and plays a pivotal part in the sustainability and growth of the movement. Thank you, Shiri!

shiri at mosh
Pictured: Shiri at Mosh in the 90s
What is your role in Hashomer Hatzair?   
  • I was a chanicha from age 12 and was then in hadracha and ended my time at mosh as Rosh Mosh in 1996.  I recently joined the Board and am excited to take on this leadership role.

What makes you excited about your role here?  

  • It's a great way for me to give back to a place that I love that gave me so much as a kid, young adult and even today.  I'm so grateful I get the opportunity to make sure that Camp Shomria continues to be a safe, rich, creative and stable place for young people to express their Jewish identity, their connection to Israel, their progressive values and then go out in the world and create change based on those values.
What do you most connect to in this movement?  
  • My grandparents were involved in Hashomer Hatzair in Eastern Europe and helped establish Hashomer Hatzair kibbutzim.  My parents both grew up in Hashomer Hatzair kibbutzim which shaped them and their parenting.  I am excited to continue our family tradition of being active in Hashomer Hatzair.  

How did growing up in this youth movement impact you? 

  • In so many ways... I have life-long friendships which I treasure that started in this youth movement.  I was able to find a way to be an American Jew that felt right to me and was aligned with my Israeli-American, Hashomer Hatzair background.  It gave me a connection to Israel that incorporated values of social justice, equality, and progressivism which led me to make aliyah, live in Israel for more than a decade and establish a successful career in making Israel a better, more just and more peaceful country.


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